Hi, I’m Dina
I design products

My passion is to create intuitive, well thought out products that delight with beauty and simplicity.

yrs enterprise & saas



Working with me is fun!

I bring levity, camaraderie, bad puns, and theme parties everywhere I go.  Donned the culture creator for my team at Microsoft I kept spirits high while getting the job done with humility and competence. I am not afraid of confrontation, but hold strong opinions loosely. Instead of dazzling with with buzzwords, I focus on all things human with empathy and endless curiosity.

What it's like to work with me

"Dina is one of those rare individuals that is sickeningly good at all these things."

“Dina and I worked together on two projects. The first was a redesign of the Windows Azure management experience, this was followed by a more ambitious and broader reaching project whose goal was to unify Microsoft’s professional tools (Visual Studio, System Center, SQL, etc) and Azure service assets into a single cohesive experience ecosystem.

To be a great designer you no doubt need a mastery over your tools and a technical understanding of the craft, but moreover you need a fantastic eye and a deep desire to do great work. Dina is one of those rare individuals that is sickeningly good at all these things. Beyond her raw talent and practiced skill-set, she’s also a great person and brings a fantastic energy to any design team she is on.”

Stephen Danton

Principal User Experience Designer
@ Microsoft

"Working with Dina is a complete pleasure and a privilege."

“Working with Dina is a complete pleasure and a privilege. Her designs always exceed expectations and her enthusiasm for high-level work is extremely inspiring. Her design approach is current with latest design best practice. She is always focused on the best user experience and often impressed both the team and the client when explaining the business justification behind her design decisions. She is great at managing her time and working quickly and cleanly.

Her role is far beyond being an extremely talented designer; she is a catalyst of the team spirit. One of Dina’s many talents is to develop an amazing fun and creative culture around her. She is a main generator of team events and activities which always have a wide variety for creative self expression.”

Marina McDonagh

Senior UX Design Manager
@ Microsoft

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