Microsoft Stream

Engage and inform with intelligent video

Microsoft Stream

Engage and inform with intelligent video


The Microsoft Stream Product

Microsoft Stream—the intelligent video service in Office 365—makes it easy to create, securely share, and interact with video, whether in a team or across your organization.

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I was the sole designer conceptualizing this product. I created the entire product v0 envisioning experience while living in a motorhome and traveling a large circle around Australia and Tasmania.

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Product envisioning architect

End to end envisioning from research to architecture and high fidelity design flows

Product design

Created generalized user personas, user engagement goals, user flows with persona based feature segmentation

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Novel ideas

Content permissioning strategy, engagement visualizations, novel gist views of video content, deep search / multi edit flows

I started with a very brief description of the service desired. From that I created key scenarios that would drive the rest of my product design.

Top Scenarios

As an Enterprise user, I can upload and share videos with my organization or externally.

I can also search for videos based on metadata or content uploaded by my organization and watch them on my favorite device.

As an Enterprise user, I can schedule and stream live events for streaming meetings, town halls, etc. within or outside organization.

As an Enterprise site owner, I want to let users upload videos and let a scalable service take care of preparation, hosting and streaming of videos.

I want the videos to be delivered securely to the user’s device and limit access based on org credentials.

Planning key feature areas by user roll

I listed the actions we would need support for users to accomplish the scenario goals above then broke them into feature groups of high level and supporting actions.

Utilizing a mind map for this phase of product architecture provided an invaluable communication bridge between design and the greater team. These feature maps directed the product vision and allowed everyone to stay on the same page, while visually seeing design status (colored highlights) for each action flow.

Created provisional personas to help expose common user flows

Comprehensive hand-off of high fidelity design flows oriented to persona based user goals.

Stream was recently acquired by Office 365 and is now Microsoft’s premier enterprise video content platform.

Implementation was completed by my talented colleague, Jamey, who recently gave feedback that the specs remained true to my recommendations and the core design was retained through the year+ engineering cycle.


Jamey Baumgardt

Principal UX Designer
@ Microsoft